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HHI loading blocks are caliber or case specific, meaning a closer fit for your cases when reloading.  No more one-size-fits-most, these blocks are designed with the handgun hunter in mind to use with their specific caliber of choice. No more having to look at headstamps to see which caliber is in the block, you can have a block that tells you!


50 Round Blocks

22 Hornet

223 Rem

10mm/40 S&W


30-06 Based

32 H&R/327 Federal


38 Spl/357 Mag

41 Mag


45 Colt/454 Casull

45 ACP

480 Ruger

50 AE

500 S&W/JRH


20 Round Blocks

JDJ Cartridges

444 Marlin


450 Marlin


I can make calibers in 20 round or 50 round if you want something different.


(More calibers are being added. If you have a different caliber, configuration, or color you want, let us know and we can probably make it. Calibers that use a parent case can be marked accordinf to that case, e.g "30-30 Based", or according to the specific caliber, e.g. "7-30 Waters."  If you want your name, load recipe, or other text on a block, we can do that.  Some custom items will require an upcharge.)

HHI Loading Blocks

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