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We're hosting a FUN and FRIENDLY competition! Download a target and shoot your groups. Send the target to us and we'll post the winner with the smallest group on our social media pages at the end of each month! Click on the target below to download a version you can print. Rules are at the bottom of this page.

Take the HHI target challenge! (1).png


  • Each group will consist of 3 rounds fired at the distances indicated on the target.

  • Groups will be judged by center-to-center size. To find the size of your group, use calipers measure from the furthest outside edges of the bullet holes and then subtract one caliber. For instance, if you shoot a .750" outside-to-outside group with a .44 Magnum, your group size would be .321" (.750-.429 bullet dia=.321"). 

  • Each round will begin on the first of the month and will go to the last day of the month. Winners will be posted the following month. Submissions will be only count in the month they were received.

  • There will be one winner from each category (rimfire, revolver/semi-auto, specialty pistol).

  • Pistols with braces are not eligible to win.

  • Handguns are the only eligible firearm to participate with. 

  • Please submit your entry to or via messenger on Facebook. Please include your name, email, and the type of handgun you used.

  • This competition is purely for fun and encouragement. The prize is only bragging rights and a feature on our social media page. You do not have to be a member of HHI to participate!

  • These rules are subject to change.

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